Rental Costs

How much is it going to cost to live in Dubai? Standard Costs for all Properties

Holding/Security Deposit

As soon as you find a property you like, a deposit (usually 5% of the rental amount, although this can be 10% for furnished properties) has to be paid to hold the property. This is non-refundable, so you should be sure you want to go ahead. Once the lease is signed, this amount will become the refundable security deposit, which will be returned to you on vacating the property, barring any damages beyond normal wear and tear.

Full Year's Rental Amount

Payable in one cheque, although some landlord's will accept more. If you can pay in one installment, however, you may be able to negotiate on the price.

Estate Agency Commission

5% of the rental value, usually payable at the same time as the rent.

DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) Security Deposit

As at January 2017, the deposits are AED 2,000 for apartments and AED 4,000 for villas plus reconnection fees AED 230. Monthly billing for water and electricity is based on consumption.

Municipality Tax

Appears on your DEWA bill and pays for government services such as parks, waste disposal, roads, etc. This amounts to 5% of the annual rent, divided by 12 months. This may take a few months to appear on your bill.


All tenancy contracts must now be registered with the government – this affords protection if there is ever a dispute with the landlord. The registration certificate has to provided to arrange family/domestic staff residence visas.

Additional Costs dependant on location of Property:

Phone/Internet and TV Packages

Depending on your location, telecoms will be provided by either Etisalat or DU. Installation charges, deposits and monthly costs are similar but are dependent on the package selected. There is usually a deposit payable for each television decoder you take. Charges are billed monthly.

Chiller Charges

The air conditioning in properties is made up of two components; the chiller, which cools the air, and the electricity, used to blow this cold air round the property. In most villas, tenants pay for the cost of both through DEWA, while in many apartments; the landlord pays for the chiller as part of the building service charges. In some developments, however, such as Palm Shoreline Apartments or Jumeirah Islands, an external company delivers the chilling. As charges are based on consumption, these costs are passed onto the tenant and they must therefore register for an account. Depending on the supplier, deposits and monthly charges vary but can be confirmed by your consultant.

Gas Supplies

There is no mains gas in Dubai. Gas for cooking is generally supplied by canister from one of the many mobile gas suppliers. For tenants in the Palm and Jumeirah Islands, Lootah Gas supplies gas through pipes. A Security Deposit is payable for setting up a gas account. Consumption, and a service charge per month, is billed every three months.

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