Departure Services

Time to Leave Dubai? Are there too many things to think about, where to start? Let us handle the main things so you don't end up out of pocket…


We can:

  • Provide the landlord with the required amount of notice.
  • Advise on any remedial action required before vacating.
  • Be present at check-out inspection to safeguard your interests.
  • Request final bill from DEWA and any other utilities companies.
  • Settle final bills and collect any deposits due.
  • Return telecoms equipment, cancel services and collect deposits.
  • Present final paid bills to the landlord, and collect security deposit.
  • Forward any monies collected to individual or company, as per instructions.

This can take a minimum of 1.5 days, depending on how many utility companies are involved. Quotations are available on request.

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