Check your contract.....

for any exit clauses or early termination penalties. Unfortunately, unless you have included an early termination clause in your contract, the landlord is not obliged by law to refund any rent.

Talk to your Landlord...

explain the situation that you find yourself in and hope he is considerate and sympathetic. Depending on your circumstances, he may demand a 2 month rent penalty for immediate vacation.

Offer to find a new tenant...

if this is something that might assist in your negotiations. 

Leave the property...

as you found it to avoid any deductions from your security deposit.






Personal Insurances in the UAE, how, where and why to buy

Why is it important to take out Home Insurance in Dubai?

You would not consider renting an apartment or house in your home country without arranging comprehensive home insurance. But what is standard in your home country is optional and largely neglected in the UAE.

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